W i n e s

Grown in the historical wine region of Armenia, our wines embody the vibrant charm and uniqueness of historic vineyards.
The character of the wine demonstrates the balance and elegance inherent in this unique terroir. Taste and enjoy the variety of bouquets of our wines.

R e d W i n e

MOZ 2021
Dry red wine 
Areni, Vayots Dzor
Made in Armenia 

Sev Areni, also known as Areni Noir, is the pearl of Armenian grapes. Areni became known as such after 1959; before that, the name “Malai Sev” was common.

This is a rare regional grape variety of the Vitis vinifera species.

Areni is a branch of vinifera; it does not belong to subgroups with the Black Sea or Western Asian varieties. When the type was registered in Europe, it was named Areni Noir.

Its 120-year-old fruitful clusters can be found in various vineyards in the region. This red variety has been cultivated in Armenia for over 4000 years.

Wines of different styles are obtained from this variety – from light rosé to exquisite reds with subtle and noble aromas.

At a young age, the Sev Areni grapes produce a wine with pronounced acidity and intense color; the bouquet contains delicate aromas of cherries, black currants, and black pepper. After ageing in Armenian oak barrels, the wine becomes more noble and smooth.

W h i t e W i n e

MOZ 2021
Dry white wine
Kharji, Vayots Dzor
Made in Armenia

Khatun Kharji is an Armenian white grape variety that belongs to the eco-geographical group of oriental wine varieties.

The variety is considered rare on the territory of Armenia, and there are small vineyards in the Vayots Dzor region.

Researchers and wine historians have discovered several similar varieties currently being studied. Dry white wines in Armenia are not sour, but on the contrary, the bouquet opens easily.

In wine, you can feel notes of fresh grapes, nuances of fruits, alpine flowers, citrus notes, and delicate shades of pineapple.

Wine from Khatun Kharji is famous not only in its region but all over the world.

Masters of winemaking are constantly improving production technology to make the taste unforgettable.