W i n e w i t h t h o u s a n d s y e a r s o f h i s t o r y a n d t r a d i t i o n

O u r H i s t o r y

Once upon a time, somewhere between the Sun and the Land, there was the ancient magical city of MOZ along with its volcano called Vayots Sar. The rays of the Sun kissed the city so passionately that the volcano erupted from joy, turning the region into priceless goldmines of vineyards.

With every sip, Moz Fine Wines will carry you back to the roots of Armenian wine history while giving you a glimpse of the culturally rich civilization that inhabited the city of Moz.


Dry Red Wine

MOZ 2021
Dry red wine 
Areni, Vayots Dzor
Made in Armenia 


Dry White Wine

MOZ 2021
Dry white wine
Kharji, Vayots Dzor
Made in Armenia


H a r v e s t 2 0 2 1

Through the Vineyards in the Valley of Vayots Dzor and the MOZ Winery. Grown in the historical wine region of Armenia, our wines embody the vibrant charm and uniqueness of historic vineyards.